Invasive Species

Submitted by Andy Anderson

Short articles about the problems associated with invasive species:

  • imageControlling Invasive Plants
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  • imageReading the Tale of Deer Scat
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  • imageThe Spread of Non-Native, Fruit-Producing Plants
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  • New England Wildflower Society: Invasive Plants
  • National Park Service Information:
  • Invasive Plant Atlas of New England: Early Detection

Longer articles on invasive species, all restricted access:

Silene Latifolia

Overpopulated Animals

Submitted by Andy Anderson

Short articles discussing some of the problems associated with overpopulated animals:

  • imageManaging Massachusetts Deer Population through Hunting
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  • imageBeavers
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  • image'Resident' Canada Geese in New England
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  • imageMoose in the Quabbin
  • Forests Lure Moose to Massachusetts
  • Quabbin Quarry: State Eyes Growing Moose Population
  • image2006 Quabbin Reservation Moose Survey

A longer article on deer hunting in the Quabbin, restricted access:

Quabbin Reservoir

Submitted by Andy Anderson

Short articles about the Quabbin Reservoir, describing its character, history, and management:

  • Wikipedia: The Quabbin Reservoir
  • Quabbin: Land of Many Waters (Amherst alumna article)
  • Quabbin Photo Gallery
  • imageNorth Quabbin Region, MA
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  • imageReminiscing Over the Lost Towns of the Quabbin
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  • Quabbin Natural Resources “Fast Facts”:
  • imageDownstream Newsletter (two articles)
    • Geographic Information Systems: Mapping Resources for Watershed Management
    • 2006 Public Access Management Plan Update
  • imageForest Forensics: Reading the Forested Landscape
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A longer article on the creation of the Quabbin, restricted access:

The Quabbin ReservoirThe Quabbin Reservoir


The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Submitted by Andy Anderson

Short articles describing some of the problems associated with the hemlock woolly adelgid:

  • imageHemlock Woolly Adelgid: Forest Pest
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  • imageCombatting the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
  • Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Adelges tsugae (Annand)

Two longer but very informative articles on the HWA:

Longer articles on the HWA, all restricted access:

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on Hemlock BranchHemlock Branch Infected with HWA