Welcome to the Quabbin Blog!

Submitted by Andy Anderson

The Quabbin Reservoir is an "accidental" but managed wilderness only minutes away from Amherst College. If you've never been there, its beauty can be quite breathtaking. We'll be making a number of visits to the Quabbin, so you're certain to get a feel for it; but it's huge, so you won't see all of it (at this time).

This page will serve as the course web log, aka a blog, where you can post your thoughts on the course as we go along, and comment on the postings of others. In other words, it's a course diary, and I hope that you will all add something every day. It may be poetic or it may be prosaic, it may be long or it may be short, but in any case it should be thoughtful.

Note: the blog is set to be openly readable (though restricted writable). So you can invite your friends to keep up with your activities by sending them a link to this page.

-- Andy