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Ashley Brown Burns

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Departmental affiliation: Political Science

Professional and Biographical Information


Ph.D., Duke University 

M.A., Duke University 

B.A., Williams College 


Research Interests

My research examines relationships of political and economic equity, social stratification, and public policy.  I seek to understand the challenges of addressing social problems effectively, especially those concerned with poverty and inequality.  I am currently working on a manuscript, “Stuck on the American Dream,” in which I examine housing policy, gentrification, and identity politics.  I am also developing projects on diversity policies in institutions, disaster response after Hurricane Katrina, and the intergenerational transmission of poverty.


Teaching Interests

My teaching is integrated with my scholarly interests.  My courses are interdisciplinary, and my students and I explore together issues of racial and class stratification, social justice, and domestic welfare policies. Those courses address a range of topics related to American politics, housing, ethics, and public policy.