Bishop Lab

Our research interests are focused at the interface between organic chemistry and molecular biology. We develop and apply chemical and biochemical approaches to study target-specific control of a diverse family of Protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs).


ur group is affiliated with the Department of Chemistry and the Program in Biochemistry & Biophysics at Amherst College. We use the tools and principles of chemistry and biochemistry to study and explore complex biological processes such as cellular signal transduction. For additional information about our current ongoing projects, please view our Research section.

Chemical On/Off Switches for Cellular Enzymes

October 28, 2016

Anthony Bishop, Professor of Chemistry at Amherst College and 2010 Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar, gives a talk, “Chemical On/Off Switches for Cellular Enzymes,” at the Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Conference.

Anthony C. Bishop

Anthony C. Bishop

Professor of Chemistry