Professional and Biographical Information:

Submitted by Anna M. Martini on Friday, 2/26/2021, at 11:24 AM


Ph.D., Geology; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan; 1997

M.S., Geology; Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York; 1992

B.A., Geology; Colgate University, Hamilton, New York; 1986

Research Interests

My research is primarily focused on understanding biogeochemical processes in the environment. This work has taken me and my students from Ireland, where we examined microbial influences on carbonate precipitation, to Vieques, where we examined the geochemical controls on the famed "Bioluminescent Bays". More on current projects and team members can be found on my website


In the past five years I have taught within Geology and Environmental Studies as well as in the First Year Seminar program. At the upper level I teach Biogeochemistry (GEOL 450) and Hydrogeology (GEOL 301) within the Geology department and the Senior Seminar and Environment and History of Wine within Environmental Studies. Introductory courses include Surfical Earth Processes (GEOL 121) and a First Year Seminar on Darwin: Evolution and Intellectual Revolution.