a symposium at Amherst College


***Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in Pruyne Lecture Hall, Amherst College***

10:00-11:15 Poetry in Performance

Kamran Javadizadeh (Villanova Univ.), "Ariel's Discipline"

Heidi Bean (Bridgewater State Univ.), "The Cambridge Poets' Theater in the 1950s"

Christopher Grobe (Amherst College), "Breakthrough: Poetry, Comedy, Confession"


11:30-12:30 Performance in poetry

Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge (UMass-Amherst), "Performing the Poet as Translator"

Krupa Shandilya (Amherst College), "Poetry, Piety and Performance"


12:30-1:30 lunch provided


1:30-2:45 First Keynote

Judith Pascoe (Univ. of Iowa), "The Unbearable Politeness of Poetry Readings"


3:00-3:45 A reading

Jena Osman (Temple Univ.)


4:00-5:15 Second Keynote

Peggy Phelan (Stanford Univ.), "Locating Voice: The Sound of It"


5:30-6:00 installation: "Rim Light" (in webster Hall, Studio 1)

Text by Wendy Woodson; Music by Wendy Woodson & Jake Meginsky

Voices: Ron Bashford and Zeina Nasr


6:00-7:45 Reception (IN the Amherst Center for Russian Culture)


8:00 This verse business a play by A.M. Dolan, performed by Gordon Clapp (kirby Theater)