My interest in RPG had to stop after Kingdom Hearts took over my life. I did NOT do WOW, knowing that would be the end of all useful activity from me. However, I continue to go to movies that celebrate fantasy, even when (some of) these movies are unspeakably bad. I also love indie film and music. Since I know people in the movie industry, having written for film. I go to mainstream movies all the time. I hated The Notebook and loved Tropic Thunder, just to give you an idea of my tastes in popular movies. One of my favorite films of all time? DR. STRANGELOVE. I have never lost my connection to blues and rock from my era, so, of course, I own Buddy Guy recordings, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix. I'm an amateur musician but gave up my guitar and am getting better on my baritone ukelele. I write poetry and songs. My life centers on my granddaughter Corabella, my grandson Calvin, meditation, tea, jazz, new music, my boyfriend Ron Prunty, and my students, past and present. Of course, I still write poetry, my first genre, and continue to write plays, some of which you can read on this website or find my collection and individual playscripts at bookstores or online. I've done quite a lot of work with adaptation: (S. by John Updike. He liked it and gave us the rights. I got to talk to to "Up" when he came to the opera); Moliere's Tartuffe, new verse version (published in its own critical edition by Norton), The Misanthrope (published by Broadway Plays Publishing), The Imaginary Invalid (this is an adaptation, since it's in prose and has been produced quite a bit). I did an adaptation of The Mother by Gorky, based on his Vassa Zelezhnova, and this was produced by American Conservatory in San Francisco, with Olympia Dukakis in the lead role. My version of Goldoni's THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS has played in several major cities, first directed by Bartlett Sher, and then was brought to new life by Chris Bayes and Steve Epp, commedia masters. But it's my totally original work to which I'm devoted, most recently, Take Me to the River, about the water crisis in the west, No Little Rebellion, about the Daniel Shays Rebellion, and HAIR OF THE DOG, a play about Marlowe and Shakespeare. I've written opera librettos with Lew Spratlan (Pulitzer-Prize winning composer and professor emeritus at Amherst College), Peter Gordon (Obie-award winning Love of Life Orchestra), Ron Perera (S., The Yellow Wallpaper). My most recent play is ENEMY SKY. It starts on the morning when Hillary wasn't elected and traces drone strikes, harassment of immigrants, anti-Taliban forces, love and its difficulties.

Tony Kushner, me, John Guare about to go white water rafting.

The Automata Pieta

Submitted by Connie Congdon on Thursday, 3/17/2016, at 9:21 PM

I wrote this play for younger (late teens and older) actors and it's been done a few times, once at The Magic Theater in San Francisco. It's about a Barbie doll that gets thrown out of the window of a moving car and ends up getting engulfed in Toxic waste and become full-sized and sort of human, all of which she hates.