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Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (1998)
M.S., University of Wisconsin (1994)
B.A., University of North Carolina (1991) 

Courses Taught

Biology 181: Adaptation and the Organism

Biology 264: Form and Function

Biology 280 and 281: Animal Behavior

Biology 454: Tropical Biology

Environmental Studies 495: Senior Seminar

Grants, Awards and Honors

National Science Foundation (2011-2016): Collaborative Research: RUI: Carotenoid trade-offs in a species with colorful females: environmental influences and fitness consequences (Collaborator: Ryan L. Earley, University of Alabama)

Elected councilor (2013-2015): Association of Field Ornithologists

National Science Foundation (2012-2014): Dissertation Research:  The food matrix mediates carotenoid tradeoffs in a reverse-dimorphic cichlid (Co-PI: Alexandria C. Brown)

Senior Sabbatical Fellowship, H. Axel Schupf ’57 Fund for Intellectual Life (2012): Amherst College

National Science Foundation (2007-2012): Behavioral and neuroendocrine consequences of phytoestrogen exposure

Class of 1952 Dean Eugene S. Wilson Fellow (2005-2006): Amherst College

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation (2005-2007): Endocrine disruption of aggression: what we can learn about humans by studying fish

Elected member (2005): American Ornithologists’ Union

Elected member (2004): Sigma Xi Amherst College Chapter 

Scholarly and Professional Activities

Chair, Department of Environmental Studies, Amherst College (2016-present)

Chair, Department of Biology, Amherst College (2010-2012)

Member, Program in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (2003-present)

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