I am a theoretical astrophysicist, and my early scholarly work was concentrated in this field. I have worked on the physics of the early universe, gravitational radiation, the structure of neutron stars, and pulsars. More recently, I have become interested in the foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Since its inception, this theory has joined Einstein's relativity and Darwin's evolution as a dominating scientific presence. Nevertheless, the theory has steadfastly resisted interpretation within a conventional world-view. My opinion is that the quantum universe forces upon us a radical revision in our conception of the world, and I have been exploring this revision for years.


Some time ago, I realized that I was interested in writing about Physics and Astronomy, both for the general public and for college students. Gradually, this took over as my primary scholarly activity. I am the author of three books and numerous magazine articles aimed at the intelligent layperson. I am also the co-author, with Professor Arthur Zajonc of the Physics Department, of an undergraduate textbook on Quantum Mechanics in which its mysteries are emphasized.