Journal Articles

A wide variety of articles, both in technical research publications and in general-interest journals intended for the public.


Frozen Star, Freundlich Books,1984.
Winner of the 1984 AIP-United States Steel Foundation Science Writing Award to a Scientist, and of the 1984 Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science. This book was a main selection of the Book-of-the-Month Science section and of the Astronomy Book Club. French, German, Spanish and Japanese editions.

The Symbiotic Universe, William Morrow, 1988.
A selection of the Quality Paperback Book Club, of the Astronomy Book Club and of the MacMillan Book Club. German Edition

The Quantum Challenge: Modern Research on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, with Arthur Zajonc, Jones & Bartlett Publishers 1997: second edition, fall 2004.

Portraits of Discovery: Profiles in Scientific Genius, John Wiley & Sons 1997.