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I work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students towards fostering and sustaining our collective sense of meaningful joy in teaching and learning. Toward that purpose, I support and provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Individual consultations on course design and curricular planning, student engagement and classroom community, innovative and inclusive pedagogies, assessment and evaluation, or integrating technologies with teaching.

  • Collaborative design sessions on new courses/curricula or significant redesign of existing courses/curricula, in collaboration with a team of staff from relevant groups such as Research & Instruction LibrariansWriting CenterCenter for Community EngagementAcademic Technology ServicesAccessibility Services, and others.

  • Private coaching and feedback on specific aspects of teaching, such as addressing a particular concern or developing a novel idea, through insightful analysis and class visits on request. We also provide analysis and interpretation of course evaluations and can facilitate mid-semester feedback sessions.

  • Workshops and classroom sessions to facilitate assignment-specific skills or topics for students.

  • Seminars and colloquia to foster and promote conversations on broader pedagogical topics for departments or campus communities.

  • Resources and research on specific areas of teaching and learning relevant to both current and emerging needs at Amherst College, such as: active learning, high-impact practices, inclusive pedagogies, design thinking, accessible learning, etc.

  • Repository of existing best practices in teaching and learning at Amherst College, as contributed by current faculty for the purpose of sharing within and across departments.

I specialize in critical and inclusive pedagogy through active learning and fostering collaborative student work.

I am available for individual consultations with faculty as well as for semester-long engagements within courses. See below for a full list of services.


Master of Arts, 2011: Communication (Performance Studies), University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA.

Master of Science, 2000: Electrical Engineering (Signal Processing), Boston University, USA.

Bachelor of Engineering, 1997: Electronics & Communications, Madras University, India.


hari stephen kumar is a teacher, storycrafter, and visioncaster. His routes include India, Yemen, Egypt, Arizona, and 19 consecutive winters in Massachusetts. His professional background involves a composite career weaving engineering, teaching, and the humanities. Since 2006 he has worked extensively with faculty, instructors, and trainers on developing innovative and transformative pedagogical practices. He loves building communities of teachers and seeing teachers rediscover their love for teaching and learning. He is a speaker and facilitator on emerging pedagogies for 21st-century liberal arts education, with a focus on inclusive teaching and whole-person learning. hari is also an active scholar in critical cultural studies, specializing in performance-based research on issues of whiteness, politics, religion, gender, and mass media. When he's not ideating or designing or teaching, hari enjoys road cycling, performance driving, tennis, and chess.
After earning his Master of Science degree in 2000 (Boston University), hari worked as a mathematical modeling engineer and software trainer at The MathWorks, Inc. Realizing that his core passions were in teaching, especially in areas of cultural studies and politics, he left engineering in 2008 and returned to graduate school to pursue a teaching career in academia. hari earned a Master of Arts degree in 2011 (University of Massachusetts Amherst), focusing on performance studies and decolonizing academic knowledges. He is currently completing his doctoral work in English at UMass Amherst, specializing in Rhetoric & Composition; his dissertation project explores the intersections between critical pedagogies, performance studies, and cultural politics.
hari has been at Amherst College since 2014 when he was hired through a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to be the College's first Instructional Designer. In 2016 hari was appointed as the College's inaugural Director of Instructional & Curricular Design Services as well as the Associate Director of the College's new Teaching & Learning Collaborative. In these roles, hari works collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to foster and sustain our collective sense of meaningful joy in teaching and learning. Toward that purpose, hari offers in-depth consulting on a wide variety of pedagogical concerns such as course design, student engagement, innovative pedagogies, assessment and evaluation, and integrating technologies with teaching. He provides a range of services including individual consultations, workshops & seminars, private coaching, research & resources, in-class sessions, and collaborative design projects with cross-campus staff from a variety of relevant teams. hari specializes in inclusive and critical pedagogies through active learning and collaborative student work.