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Ingrid L. Nelson

Assistant Professor of English

Departmental affiliations: English; European Studies

Research and Teaching Interests

Submitted by Ingrid L. Nelson on Tuesday, 6/2/2015, at 7:26 AM

My interests include the literature of later medieval England (1200-1500), English poetry of all periods, genre theory, lyric theory and poetics, medievalism, the history of the book, media theory, and cultural studies.  I teach courses on Chaucer and other medieval and renaissance literature, and on poetry across the English tradition.  A continuing concern with literary and material forms underlies both my scholarship and pedagogy.  How does the form of literature--or any text--interact or intersect with the contexts of its cultural practice? My current monograph, Lyric Tactics: Genre and Practice in Later Medieval England, defines the medieval English lyric genre based on its practices rather than its poetic forms.  My peer-reviewed essays on the manuscript contexts of English literature and on medieval concepts of media have appeared the the Journal of English and Germanic Philology and Exemplaria.  With Shannon Gayk (IU-Bloomington), I have co-edited a special issue of Exemplaria on early English genres.


Submitted by Ingrid L. Nelson on Tuesday, 6/2/2015, at 7:25 AM

Arthurian Literature

Reading Poetry

Chaucer's Shorter Poems

Chaucer:  The Canterbury Tales

Major English Writers I

400-level seminars on a variety of topics, including medieval/renaissance lyric, poetry, and manuscript studies.


Submitted by Ingrid L. Nelson on Tuesday, 6/2/2015, at 7:24 AM

Editor (with Shannon Gayk), "Special Issue: New Approaches to Early English Genres."  Exemplaria 27.1-2 (Spring 2015).

“Introduction: Genre as Form-of-Life.”  With Shannon Gayk.  "Special Issue: New Approaches to Medieval Genre." Exemplaria 27.1-2 (Spring 2015). 

“Premodern Technologies of Transmission in the Man of Law’s Tale.”  Exemplaria 25.3 (Fall 2013), pp. 211-30.

"The Performance of Power in Medieval English Households:  The Case of the Harrowing of Hell." The Journal of English and Germanic Philology (JEGP) 112.1, (Jan. 2013), pp. 48-69.


Submitted by Ingrid L. Nelson on Wednesday, 1/9/2013, at 8:46 AM

Ph.D., English, Harvard University (2010)

M.A., English, University of Colorado (2005)

B.S., Mathematics, College of William and Mary (1997)