Ph.D., Columbia University, NY

M.Phil, M.A., Columbia University, NY

M.A., B.A.  Seoul National University, South Korea


Academic Interests

As a historian of late medieval/early modern Europe, I am drawn to the questions of how Europeans sought to understand and control the economic relations in which they were embedded, how these efforts were mediated through the cultural and institutional frameworks they had inherited, and how their solutions were tied to the broader structural changes of state and market formation. Thus, my research focuses on the intersection of market culture, institutions and state formation during this transitional period, in particular the relationship between court and commerce in the Low Countries where the aforementioned issues came together in dramatic and critical fashion. In turn, my teaching seeks to help students see how voices and visions from a bygone era engaged fundamental questions that still shape and confront us today, even as they did so with the specific traditions and language they had inherited - which also became ours.