Video files

Submitted by Jonathan R. Friedman on Sunday, 3/8/2020, at 11:50 AM

The video files below are talks given as part of the virtual session held on March 4, 2020.  The

session approximately mirrored session J46 from the cancelled 2020 March Meeting.

Juergen Schnack: The power of typicality applied to magnetic molecules and low-dimensional quantum spin systems [originally J46.00001]

Talat Rahman: Effect of substrate on characteristics of the Mn3 dimer [originally talk J46.00002]

Talat Rahman: A DFT Study of Single-Molecule Magnets (Mn3 Dimers) [originally J46.00003]

Jonathan Friedman: Atomic-clock transition behavior in a Cr7Mn molecular nanomagnet [originally J46.00004]

Danna Freedman: Chemistry for the Second Quantum Revolutions [originally J46.00005]

Stephen Blundell: The muon-fluorine interaction: a model quantum system for exploring decoherence [originally J46.00006]

Cong (Alice) Hu: Modeling Hyperfine Coupling in Molecular Magnets [originally D12.00007]

Jia Chen: Decoherence of Molecular Qubits: Insights From Quantum Many-Body Simulations [originally J46.00007]

Gajadhar Joshi: Title below [originally J46.00010]

Adjustable coupling and in-situ variable frequency probe with loop-gap resonators for cw and pulse electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy up to X-band

Charles Collett: A Very-Low-Cost Flexible Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer for Molecular Nanomagnet

originally J46.00011