Submitted by Jill S. Miller on Tuesday, 1/5/2021, at 9:13 AM

Want me to write you a recommendation letter?  I am usually happy to do so, but definitely stop by my office (Science Center B322), call or email me to ask first.  Then, make sure I have the following pieces of information...

First, provide me with a brief description of the program to which you are applying.  If there is something that really appeals to you about the program, let me know.  Generally, the more information I have about you, your past experience, and your interests, the stronger and more effective my letter. 

Second, If you have a personal statement or CV/resume prepared, please send this to me along with a copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine) to help me write your letter.

Finally, make sure I know all necessary details, including...

  • Due date for the recommendation
  • Format for the recommendation (e.g., sent via email, web-based, or hard copy form(s) to fill out, etc.) vs. a letter, etc.

I will let you know once the recommendation is submitted, but it is a good idea to follow up.  If you have not heard from me, a gentle reminder about a week or so in advance of the deadline would be most appreciated.