Understanding the complexities of language and language learning has been the driving impetus behind my research. My research experience involves the study of structural descriptions of languages, the study of their social uses, and the study of language learning and teaching in first (L1) and second language (L2) settings.

At present, my research agenda encompasses two main areas: acquisition of L2 Spanish and L2 classroom pedagogies. These two areas intertwine by their various mutual questions in my scholarship. After investigating learners’ difficulties in the acquisition of L2 Spanish, I focus on optimal ways of making second language learning more effective and classroom pedagogies that contribute to overcome those difficulties. By combining various modes of inquiry, I strive to address questions that result from both disciplinary and pedagogical realms. In fact, I was recently awarded a grant to examine trained peer review in the development of L2 Spanish writing skills, which are often neglected in the context of L2 instruction. By integrating qualitative and quantitative assessment procedures, this study examines how learners of L2 Spanish can offer effective feedback and improve their language knowledge from the peer review process. I aim to show how trained peer feedback can positively impact the students’ revision and quality of writing and learning in a second language.