Education: BA in Fine Art: Umass Amherst 1994. Concentration in computer animation.

Formerly the Media Coordinator in Frost Library, now in Seeley Mudd under ATS, I’ve worked for the college since 1994. My main task is to acclimate the faculty to the A/V equipment in their classrooms, whether it be: computer projection, DVD and VHS video projection, slide projection, or overheads. We provide classroom technology training to the entire college community. We train people for film screenings and digitize video for streaming in support of the Amherst curriculum. We also circulate projectors, cameras (video and still), audio recorders and a wide variety of AV equipment. We provide support for co-curricular lectures and special events. We also provide sound reinforcement for some selected special college events.

I also work in conjunction with the Assistant Dean of Faculty, the Physical Plant and a local AV vendor in the planning, design and installation of new audio-visual systems in the classrooms.

Personal interests: nature photography, kayaking, cycling and playing mandolin, guitar and drums.

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