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Klára Móricz specializes in the music of Béla Bartók, twentieth-century Jewish composers, Russian music (specifically the music of Arthur Lourié, and Russian music in interwar Paris). She has published a book on Jewish identities in music, Jewish Identities: Nationalism, Racism, and Utopianism in Twentieth-Century Music (University of California Press, 2008) and with Simon Morrison co-edited a volume of essays on Arthur Lourié, Funeral Games in Honor of Arthur Lourié (Oxford, 2013). She is also co-editor of 2 anthologies accompanying Richard Taruskin and Christopher Gibbs, The Oxford History of Western Music (Oxford, 2012). Since 2009 she is co-editor of Journal of Musicology. She has served on the board of the Journal of the American Musicological Society (2004-2010), on the academic advisory board of Jewish Music Forum (2009-2011), the advisory board of Studia Musicologica 2006-present), and was awarded with the ACLS /Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship (2003); Mabelle McLeod Lewis Dissertation Fellowship (1998); and was honorary recipient of the AMS 50 Award (1998); and AAUW Dissertation Fellowship (1998). She has reviewed books for Oxford University Press, University of California Press, and the American Musicological Society. Since coming to Amherst in 1999, she has taught survey courses on music history, theory courses, seminars of nineteenth- and twentieth-century music and Russian music.



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Ph.D., Historical Musicology, University of California at Berkeley, 1998.

M.A., Historical Musicology, University of California at Berkeley, 1995.

Diploma cum laude in Musicology, Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, 1992.

Diploma in Music Theory, Choral Conducting, and Music Education, Franz Liszt Academy of Music, 1986.