Working Papers

"It's Complicated: Direct vs. Incentive-Based Land Conservation in Mexico." (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia) Draft paper, 2015.


"Only One Tree From Each Seed? Environmental Effectiveness and Poverty Alleviation in Mexico's Payments for Ecosystem Services Program" (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia and Patricia Yanez-Pagans) Forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

"Improving Environmental and Social Targeting through Adaptive Management in Mexico’s Payments for Hydrological Services Program." (with J. Alix-Garcia, E. Shapiro-Garza, L. Fine, V. Radeloff, G. Aronson, S. Castillo, C. Ramirez-Reyes and P. Yanez-Pagans) Conservation Biology, 28(5): 1151-1159, 2014.

"Disruption, Achievement, and the Heterogeneous Benefits of Smaller Classes" (with Graham McKee and Steven Rivkin). Forthcoming, Empirical Economics.

"Do Protected Areas Reduce Forest Fragmentation? A Microlandscapes Approach", Environmental and Resource Economics. 58(2): 303-33, 2014

"The Ecological Footprint of Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from Mexico's Oportunidades Program." The Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(2) 417-435, 2013 (with  Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Craig McIntosh, and Jarrod Welch).

"More Strictly Protected Areas Are Not Necessarily More Protective: Evidence from Bolivia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Thailand." Environmental Research Letters, 8 (2), 2013 (with Paul Ferraro, Merlin Hanauer, Daniela Miteva, Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza, and Subhrendu Pattanayak)

"Forest Conservation and Slippage: Evidence from Mexico's National Payments for Ecosystem Services Program."  Land Economics, 88(4): 613-638, 2012 (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia and Elizabeth Shapiro).

"Conditions Associated with Protected Area Success in Conservation and Poverty Reduction." Procedings of the National Academies of Sciences, 108 (34): 13913-13918, 2011 (with Paul Ferraro and Merlin Hanauer)

“Conservation and Development: Evidence from Thai Protected Areas.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 60: 94-114, 2010

"Protected Areas Reduced Poverty in Costa Rica and Thailand" Procedings of the National Academies of Sciences, 107: 22, 2010 (with Paul Ferraro, Kwaw Andam, Andrew Healy and Margaret Holland). 

“Local regulation and land use change: The effects of wetlands bylaws in Massachusetts”   Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39: 409-421, 2009 (with Jenny Schuetz).

“Designing Payments for Ecosystem Services: Lessons from Previous Experience with Incentive-based Mechanisms” Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, 105: 28, 2008 (with Kelsey Jack and Carolyn Kousky). 

Grants / Projects

Policy interventions for forest management in Nepal (joint with partners at University of Michigan)

“Payments for Environmental Services in Mexico: Understanding the Effectiveness of an Innovative Conservation Mechanism” (with Elizabeth Shapiro, Jennifer Alix-Garcia, and Volker Radeloff). Funding from the International Iniative for Impact Evaluation (3ie): 2010-2013.

"Spillovers in Incentive-Based Conservation Programs." Funding from the National Science Foundation Economics Program: 2011-2015

"Environmental Leadership in the 21st Century" (with Jan Dizard, Ted Melillo, Sarah Barr) Funding from the Thoreau Foundation. 

Collaborative Reports / Policy Briefs

“Evaluation of CONAFOR’s Payments for Hydrological Services Program, 2003-2010.” (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Glen Aronson, Volker Radeloff, Carlos Ramirez-Reyes, Elizabeth Shapiro, and Patricia Yanez-Pagans). Policy report for the Mexican National Forestry Commission, November, 2012.

"Towards a Science of Sustainability" NSF conference report.

"Impacts of Payments for Ecosystem Services on Deforestation in Mexico: Preliminary Lessons for REDD" (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia and Elizabeth Shapiro) Land Tenure Center Brief No. 11, University of Wisconsin, September, 2010. Click here for the Spanish version.