Professional and Biographical Information


Ph.D., Computer Science, Harvard University (2022)
S.M., Computer Science, Harvard University (2019)
B.A., Physics and Computer Science, Colgate University (2016)

Research Interests

My research considers two main questions: (1) what will future memory systems look like, and (2) how will they be designed?  

The answers to these two questions are increasingly important as modern computing systems require a ton of data and are increasingly customized and heterogeneous to support specific application and system settings.  My research explores and evaluates emerging memory technologies towards the goal of building more efficient, sustainable future computers, as well as developing innovative software tools for modeling and simulation of future memory systems.

These research efforts span the computing stack from algorithmic and software optimizations down to circuit design, with an emphasis on developing systems and computer architecture support for data-intensive applications and emerging technologies.  My research interests also include effective data visualization, the labor history of computing (over time and around the world, who has done the work of computing, and why?), and an emphasis on fault modeling and memory reliability.

Teaching Interests

Computer systems, computer architecture, memory systems, computer science, labor history of computing, gender in computing

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