Recent Publications

L.R. Hunter and D.G. Ang, Using Geoelectrons to Search for Velocity-Dependent Spin-Spin Interactions.  Physical Review Letters, 112, 091803 (2014). Phys.Rev. Lett. 112 091803.pdf

L.R. Hunter, J. Gordon, S. Peck, D. Ang and J.-F. Lin, Using the Earth as a polarized electron source to search for long-range spin-spin interactions. Science 339, 928 (2013).
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S.K. Peck, D.K. Kim, D. Stein, D. Orbaker, A. Foss, M.T. Hummon and L.R. Hunter, Limits on local Lorentz invariance in mercury and cesium. Physical Review A 86, 012109 (2012).

 L.R. Hunter, S.K.Peck, A.S. Greenspon, S. Saad Alam, D. DeMIlle, Prospects for laser cooling TlF. Physical Review A 85, 012511 (2012).