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1998    Ph.D., Middle Eastern History, University of California, Los Angeles.

1992    M.A., Islamic Studies, University of California, Los Angeles.

1988    B.A., European History, Oberlin College.


Selected Publications

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God’s Intent: Islamic Modernism and the Re-enchantment of the Sacred. (Edinburgh University Press, 2020).

Ottoman Culture and the Project of Modernity: Reform and Translation in the Tanzimat Novel. Co-edited with Etienne Charrière. (I.B. Tauris, 2020).

Felatun Bey and Rakim Efendi. Translated with Melih Levi. (Syracuse University Press, 2016.)

Pious Citizens: Reforming Zoroastrianism in India and Iran, (Syracuse University Press, 2011).

Amuzesh va goftoman-e eslah-e farhangi dar dowran-e Qajar, (Persian translation of 2001 book). (Tehran: Qoqnus Publishers, 2002).

Education, Religion and the Discourse of Cultural Reform in Qajar Iran, (Mazda, 2001).

 Publications: Articles

“Beyond Binaries: Ahmet Midhat’s Prescriptive Modern,” in (eds.) Monica M. Ringer and Etienne Charièrre, Modernity in Ottoman Literature: Reform and the Tanzimat Novel (I.B. Tauris, 2020).

“Gataullah Baiazitov: An Islamic Modernist in Russia,” in James Quill, A Tatar Imam’s Refutation of Ernest Renan’s Lecture on “Islam and Science,” (Indiana University Press, 2017).

“The Al-Afghani-Renan Debate, Reconsidered,” (co-authored with A. Holly Shissler), Iran Nameh, 30:3 (Fall, 2015).

“Dar al-Fonun,” in Encyclopedia of Islam, 3rd edition, (2013).

“Iranian Nationalism and Zoroastrian Identity: Between Cyrus and Zoroaster” (eds.) Abbas Amanat and Farzin Vejdani, Iran Facing Others: Iranian Identity Boundaries and Modern Political Culture, (Palgrave, 2012).

 “Kay Khosrow Shahrokh: Rational Religion and Citizenship in Iran,” Irannameh (Spring 2011).

“Reform Transplanted: Parsi Agents of Change amongst Zoroastrians in Nineteenth-Century Iran,” Iranian Studies 42 (4 September 2009).

“Rethinking Religion: Progress and Morality in the Early 20th century Women’s Press,” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 24, no. 1 (Spring 2004): 49-57.

“Negotiating Modernity: Ulama and the Discourse of Modernity in Nineteeth-Century Iran,” in (ed.) Ramin Jahanbegloo, Iran Between Tradition, Modernity and Postmodernity, (Lexington Books, 2004).

Entries on Islam, in The Oxford Dictionary of Islam, in (ed.) John Esposito, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003).

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“The Discourse on Modernization and the Problem of Cultural Integrity in Nineteenth-Century Iran,” in Iran and Beyond: Essays in Middle Eastern History in Honor of Nikki R. Keddie (eds). Rudi Matthee and Beth Baron (Mazda, 2000). 

Rethinking Religion.pdf

Rethinking Religion: Progress and Morality in the Early Twentieth-Century Iranian Women's Press (2004).