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Peter A. Nelson


Departmental affiliation: Robert Frost Library

Submitted by Peter A. Nelson on Thursday, 8/7/2014, at 9:03 AM

I am the College Archivist. As such, I am deeply involved with and committed to the documentation and preservation of the archival record of Amherst College. I chiefly oversee the appraisal, acquisition, arrangement, description, and preservation of official college records, and work with others to administer policies regarding access to those records. I serve on the College's records management working group. I also work closely with alumni, faculty and staff in collecting personal papers documenting the history of Amherst College. I help with research inquiries from members of the Amherst community as well as the general public, including outside scholars and genealogists. 

Contact me for questions about Amherst College history, transferring records from administrative offices, or donating personal papers to the Archives. Also, if you're a current Amherst student who is interested in a job with us during the semester or over the summer, please contact me.