2012 Summer Research

This summer is a big one for us.  We are actively working on two projects, one on the chaperone function of alpha crystalling and the second on the estrogen receptor and developing fluorescent methods for measuring functional assays. 

Our estrogen project goals are to bring to closure one project on in vitro binding of estrogen analogues to ER alpha and ER beta.  Meanwhile we will explore new ways to see if in vivo assays can succesfully monitor binding. Jacqueline Watson '12 will be working with us on this as a Hughes post baccalaureate scholar as will Nia James '15 as a Hitchcock Scholar

Our alpha crystallin project goals are to further our understanding of this protein's ability to maintain lens clarity by its action as both a small heat shock protein as well as its role in forming diverse and stable protein aggragates.  Alex Pearlman '13, a summer thesis student, will begin a project this summer using single molecule techniques to investigate the structural interfaces responsible for oligomerization in Alpha Crystallin B.  Karen Cheng '14, HHMI summer student, will also be working with Alpha Crystallin B.  She will be continuing the work of Raysa Cabrejo '14 who has been studying the chaperone function aspects of this important human lens protein.