Olive Oil - Workshops, Curricula, and Contacts

Submitted by Patricia B. O'Hara on Thursday, 7/18/2013, at 4:04 PM

Under the auspices of Ege'de Atolye, a nonprofit organization in Turkey devoted to general education, founded by Zeynep Delen, my Turkish colleagues and I have run workshops since 2010 in Yeni Foca Turkey about the Olive or "Zeytin" in Turkish.  These workshops sought to be models for liberal arts learning and used problem based methodologies and community engagement to stimulate students learning.  My specific contribution was to develop curriculum surrounding Olive Oil and the ways in which one can motivate learning chemistry through Olive Oil's Properties and Health Benefits.

Posted below are the Whiting proposal that got me started, the newspiece we wrote about the day by day activities of our Zeytin Workshop, and two manuscripts which we have submitted for publication. 

The Olive Connection.pdf

Whiting Proposal 2011 to Travel to Turkey

Zeytin 2011 Day by Day.pdf

Place and Space in Yeni Foca, Turkey

Manuscript submitted to Learning and Instruction: Place and Space in Yeni Foca Turkey

Chemistry of Olives - Making Sense

Manuscript in Review for J. Chem. Ed.: Chemistry of Olives - Making Sense