Selected Publications


Lost Bodies. Prostitution and Masculinity in late Qing Fiction, E. J. Brill, Leiden, 2010.

Il Libro dei Tre caratteri, 123 pages, Sellerio, Palermo, 1992. Critical study and translation of Sanzijing and Qianziwen.

Gli strani casi del Giudice Li, 231 pages, Sellerio, Palermo, 1991. Critical study and translation of Ligong'an qiwen, a nineteenth-century detective novel.

Articles, Edited Volumes, and Essays

将身体穿在衣服之上:晚清上海的时尚和认同, translation of “On Their Dress They Wore A Body. Fashion and Identity in late Qing Shanghai,” in an volume edited by Wang Zheng and Deng Xiaonan, Beijing University Press, 2010

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“Canonizing Pornography. Norm and Transgression in Chipozi zhuan”, in Re-thinking the Canon in Traditional Chinese Fiction and Drama, Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 2009

Entries on Pornography and Eroticism for the Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, Oxford University Press, 2007.

“Elective Affinities: Spiritual Resonance & Book-marketing in Late Qing Novels,” Late Imperial China, June 2007.

“A Dream of Butterflies. The Semantics of Shoes in Chinese Culture,” in A Cultural History of Shoes, Berg, 2006 (forthcoming in Italian translation, 2008).

“Wanmei tuxiang. Wanqing xiaoshuozhongde yinying, yuwang yu dushixiandaixing,” (Picture Perfect. Photography, Urban Modernity and Desire in Late Qing Fiction), in Li Hsiao-t'i, ed., Zhongguode chengshi shenghuo (Chinese Urban Life), Lien-ching, Taipei, 2005.

Consultant and Chief Writer for Fashion and Design for The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture, Routledge, 2005.

“In and Out. Love's Marketplace in Late Qing Fiction,” in Yuyan Mizhang (Concealing to Reveal. The Private and Sentiment in Chinese History and Culture), Center for Chinese Studies, Taiwan, 2003, vol. I.

“On Their Dress They Wore A Body. Fashion and Identity in late Qing Shanghai,” in the special issue “Fabrications,” edited by Tina Mai Chen and Paola Zamperini, positions, Duke University Press, 11.2, 2003.

“Untamed Hearts. Eros and Suicide in Late Imperial Chinese Fiction,” in Passionate Women. Female Suicide in Late Imperial China, edited by Paul Ropp, Harriet Zurndorfer, and Paola Zamperini, E. J. Brill, Leiden, 2001.