Ph.D., New York University (2015) 
M.A., Université Paris-3 (2007)
B.A., Université Paris-3 (2006)

I teach intermediate to advanced classes on twentieth- and twenty-first century literature composed in French. This field includes a vast corpus of texts written in France and its neighboring countries, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. In my intermediate classes, I use cultural and social issues in the contemporary francophone world as a springboard for student-centered conversations held in French. In my advanced classes, I offer courses about the shaping of modernity in the literary and intellectual landscapes. I teach exilic and diasporic literature and poetry; the ‘crisis’ of the novel; the relationship between text and image in avant-garde movements.


My research engages literary theory, ethnology, and aesthetics. My first book Artaud, le sens de la lecture (Artaud: the Meaning of Reading) came out in 2018. My second book, titled Shoalzheimer, is forthcoming with Quidam éditeur. I am currently at work on a new book project, provisionally titled “The World in a Book, the Book in a Pocket” — a reflection weaving together books written in and/or about exile in French in the twentieth century. In it, I focus my attention on the relationship between displaced writers and the book as a format, an object, and a territory. These writers include (among others) Aimé Césaire, Walter Benjamin, Edmond Jabès, Georges Perec, Jacques Derrida, Hélène Cixous and Édouard Glissant. In addition to my scholarship, I curate exhibitions. The first exhibition I co-curated at the Jewish Museums in Paris (2010) and Berlin (2011), Radical Jewish CultureMusical Scene NY, examined the ways with which musicians from the 1990s underground music scene (John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Frank London, Anthony Coleman, David Krakauer, etc.) searched for new idioms in order to question the notion of a Jewish musical tradition. My second exhibition, Bibliologia, The Book as Body,explored the connections, associations and interactions between the book and the human body. It was held at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art in Israel in 2016.



Artaud, le sens de la lecture. Hermann (2018)

Edited Volume
Bibliologia: the Book as Body. Exhibition catalog (coedited w/ Drorit Gur Arie). Petach Tikva Museum of Art (March 2016)

Selected Articles
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