Professional and Biographical Information


Ph.D. in sociology, McGill University
M.A. in sociology, McMaster University
H.B.Sc in psychology, University of Toronto

Previous Appointment

SSHRC postdoctoral research fellow, New York University

Research Interests

Professor Karima sociologist of migration, politics, and cultureresearches phenomena at different levels of analytic abstraction, from the “identities” of immigrant-origin people to the consolidation of democratic regimes. More concretely, he explores (1) how immigrant-origin people make use of social categories to sketch their self-portraits and develop intuitions about the social worlds they inhabit and (2) the structural determinants of, and belief systems undergirding, the politics of exclusion in the early twenty-first century. To this end, he draws on advanced quantitative and computational approaches to sociological inquiry. 

In some of Professor Karim's current projects, he uses machine learning algorithms to track the radicalization of mainstream political parties in all corners of the world; blends quantitative and comparative-historical techniques to examine the fraught relationship between democracy and populism in more than 150 nation-states; and theorizes how America’s “culture war” is being diffused to other national contexts. Broadly speaking, these studies provide novel insights into exclusionary political discourses, movements and motifs that are structuring symbolic boundaries in multiethnic societies around the world. On the other hand, Professor Karim's published (and ongoing) projects on migration and culture show how immigrant-origin people interface with these boundaries to develop their cultural sensibilities, moral orientations and self-understandings.

Teaching Interests

Professor Karim enjoys teaching a range of substantive and applied courses related to cultural change and persistence in immigrant societies; the sociology of exclusionary politics; social identification in its various guises; and the logic of sociological inquiry—with an emphasis on quantitative methods, exploratory data analysis and data visualization.

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