Professional and Biographical Information


Ph.D., Georgetown University, computer science (2024)
M.S., Georgetown University, computer science (2021)
B.S., Lafayette College, computer science (2019)
B.A., Lafayette College, Spanish (2019)

Research Interests

Professor Wein's research is in the area of natural language processing (NLP), with specific focus on computational semantics. It is an exciting time to work on NLP, given the rapid pace of advancement in AI broadly and the crescendoing public interest in generative language models. Within NLP, her research centers around tasks and methodologies that promote equitable access and scientific rigor, including expanding models of language beyond English to multilingual settings and developing evaluation metrics. These areas directly tie into Professor Wein's broad goals as a researcher, which are to model how meaning is construed and captured in different languages, and to investigate how model performance varies in different domains. Her research interests include semantic representations, model evaluation metrics, and features of translated texts, among others. She also enjoys mentoring students on research and cultivating their interest in NLP.

Teaching Interests

Professor Wein is eager to teach a range of courses, from introductory computer science through upper-level electives. When teaching natural language processing, she aims to take a survey-style approach that threads linguistically-informed rule-based and statistical approaches with state-of-the-art neural NLP models. In introductory courses, she challenges students to develop a strong sense of computational thinking and equips them with key programming knowledge. Professor Wein is also interested in the topics of data science and computer science ethics.

Broadening participation in computing is a priority for Professor Wein. She aims to empower students of all backgrounds and experiences to thoughtfully engage with the course material, so that they may contribute their unique perspectives to the classroom as well as the field.

Awards and Honors

AAAI/EAAI New and Future AI Educator Award (2024)

Georgetown University Dr. Karen Gale Exceptional PhD Student Award (2024)

Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship (20212023)

All-Around Graduate Student Teaching Award (2023)

NCWIT/Bloomberg Grace Hopper Conference Grant (20202023) Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarship (2019)

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Academic Achievement Award (2019)