Alumni Interested in AMST 270: Jews at Amherst

Aerial photo of the Amherst College campus from 1946.

Aerial photo of the Amherst College campus from 1946.

Dear Amherst Alumni,

Thank you for your interest! 

As the college prepares for its bicentennial in 2021, Dean Catherine Epstein has invited faculty to teach courses illuminating college history.  My contribution will be a research-intensive seminar in Spring 2017 that focuses on “Jews at Amherst.

Students will learn about the place of Jewish Americans in higher education for the past hundred years and conduct individual research projects on Jewish experience at Amherst College.  Members of the seminar will develop their own research questions, and I will guide them to resources, including materials in the college archives, institutional data, and various college offices.  It would also be wonderful to direct students to alumni who have insights, recollections, and stories to share.

Our class will benefit tremendously from hearing your personal accounts of college life—your relationships with other students, Jewish or non-Jewish, participation in social or extracurricular groups, connections with faculty and staff, as well as experiences of western Massachusetts. 

Students will share their research-in-progress at the spring student research symposium, sponsored by Frost Library, and at a mini-conference open to the campus community at the end of the term.  My hope is that all participants in the seminar will return to campus for Reunion weekend to share their discoveries and to engage with you personally in a session devoted to the course.

Please contact me by email or my campus address, if you would like to share your experiences of Jewish life at Amherst College.  I am so delighted to be offering this course, and I hope you will be in touch.

Wendy H. Bergoffen
American Studies
101A Morgan Hall
Amherst College
Amherst, MA  01002