Transfer Student's Summer Conundrum
By: Anna Kelley

 Being a spring transfer student, I had it in my head that I wouldn't spend much time devoting myself to future plans in lieu of focusing energy on merely getting myself settled into my new environment.  After returning from spring break I found that I had entirely and seamlessly acclimated myself to the campus, the workload, and just generally the swing of things around Amherst.  To my surprise, I also found myself wondering about my immediate future, most notably the upcoming prospects of summer 2008. 
 This insight sparked a full week of mad scrambling: research on the computer, running back and forth from the Career Center, emailing countless possible internship contacts.  It wasn't so much that the process was difficult but that I had my work cut out for me since I had started somewhat late in the game.  Thankfully, the people at the Career Center here are highly knowledgeable and were more than happy to walk me through the tremendous amount of internship-related resources listed on their website. 
 Within the span of what seemed like half an hour (but was in reality four or five days) I had gone from wanting to intern at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, attempting to find a spot for myself either studying or working at the University of Toronto, talking to people at Rochester, NY museums including the Seneca preservation site Ganondagan, and finally came to rest upon a possible internship at the Rochester company Compeer, which specializes in social work. 
 Everything seemed exciting and infinitely interesting, so I can't lie and say that I wasn't disappointed when I pursued a path as far as it could go only to be told I had missed this or that deadline.  It can be frustrating to worm your way through the astonishing amount of possibilities one is presented with for summer plans, but take it from me, it's definitely worth the effort.
 Finally, I had disposed of all the dead-end ideas, settling on a plan which made the most sense for my criteria.  My summer 2008 plans now include returning to Rochester NY in order to serve a three month long internship working with a mentoring program through Compeer Inc.  Even if the position is unpaid, I know it will be fulfilling, and I have just discovered (through the use of the brand new Community Center for Engagement on campus) a possible fellowship I can apply for in the next few weeks.  Even if I still need to acquire the typical boring summer job to supplement my income, I know I'll be satisfied.  The resources that Amherst provides regarding summer ideas are certainly vast.  Even though it can be a fairly daunting task at first, it is crucial to explore the opportunities.  Do not allow yourself to rule something out, you never know what will grab you in the end.