For Faculty & Staff

Amherst College has four general use Pool Vehicles. These vehicles may be requested by Faculty or Staff for College business reasons. Please see the Pool Vehicle Policy for restrictions.

Vehicle #86: 12 Passenger Ford Transit

The college has one general use 12 passenger van. This van may only be driven by a Faculty or Staff member.   Students may never drive this vehicle.  Faculty and Staff who wish to drive the 12 passenger van must complete an additional driver credentialing process here:

Vehicle # 42: Toyota Prius Hybrid 5-passenger including driver

5 Passenger Hybrid

Vehicle # 45 and #47: Toyota Sienna 7-Passenger including driver

7 Passenger Van

The general Pool Vehicles may be reserved by going to the Virtual EMS Webapp. Visit Reserving Meeting and Event Spaces for instructions on how to log in. After loggin in, select the "Reservations" tab, then select the "Pool Vehicle Reservations" option in the drop-down list, and follow the step-by-step process provided on that page and at the bottom of this page. 

For Students

The Amherst Association of Students has three vehicles limited in use to student groups authorized by the AAS, and assigned by the Secretary of the AAS.

Go to the Virtual EMS Webapp. Visit Reserving Meeting and Event Spaces for instructions on how to log in.

Select the date that you would like to reserve a vehicle per the guidelines below:

  • Limit of one vehicle per day
  • Limit of one-time period request (up to 72 hours)
  • Vehicles cannot be reserved more than six months in advance.

To reserve one of the available pool vehicles, please follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Adjust the start time and end time to reflect when you would like to reserve the vehicle.
  • Enter your anticipated number of passengers (including the diver).
  • Click the blue “Find Space” icon to search for vehicles that are available based on the date and time that you selected.
  • Select a vehicle by clicking the green plus mark to the left of the vehicle list available.
  • Enter the vehicle reservation details. Please note that only the first contact listed on the reservation will be eligible to pick up the keys. A second driver can be listed as the second contact.


Under sponsor details in first contact information, if their name is not listed click on temporary contact and fill in their information. Name, phone number, and email.

If a vehicle is already reserved a box with the message would pop up “request would create a conflict with another booking.”