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Books and Articles We Find Useful Links to Other Writing Centers and Writing Resources Writing Tutors’ Notebook of Articles on Writing Boise State University Writing Center, “Achieving coherence in writing,” Lil Brannon and C.H. Knoblauch, “On Students’ Rights to Their Own Texts: A Model of Teacher Response,” from College Composition and Communication

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The Amherst College Music Department Homepage - This page has course info., a calendar for the entire music department, and info. on the professors.

The Amherst College Homepage - You can get to pretty much anywhere Amherst related from here.

A links page to all other Amherst student groups - Including other musical groups.


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Links to online course media content.

Library Links to French Resources

Students interested in teaching assistantships in France sponsored by the French government should consult the following website:

Fine Arts Resources

Amherst College is located approximately 90 miles from Boston and 170 miles from New York City. Some of the finest museums and galleries in the country are therefore accessible to our students. Closer to home are the museums and galleries of the five colleges:

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