Pat Fitzgerald '82 Talks Teamwork

A recent talk given for Amherst alums in Chicago by Patrick Fitzgerald ’82, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, got a mention in the New York Times by way of Chicago News Cooperative columnist James Warren.

Google's Chrome OS: A Sculpture by Any Other Name

Submitted on Tuesday, 7/14/2009, at 9:39 AM

Last week, Google announced (in a low-key blog post) that they are sculpting a new computer operating system, Chrome OS. Starting with an armature of Linux, it will carve off the Desktop and cast Google's Chrome web browser as its user interface. Other common operating system features will be chiseled away to allow its computing power to better support web activities and improve security.

Cloud Gate

Submitted on Tuesday, 7/14/2009, at 1:25 AM
"Cloud Gate"
Sculpture by Anish Kapoor
Millennium Park
Photo taken by Andy Anderson
Amherst, Massachusetts

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Ph.D., Yale University (2001)
M.A., Yale University (1998)
B.A., Amherst College (1993)

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Science, Nationalism, and Aesthetics in the Shaping of Mexico’s Environmental Imagination (in progress).

A Territory Cleaved: Nation, Nature, and Ethnicity on the U.S.-Mexican Frontier (in progress)

Crafting Mexico: Intellectuals, Artisans, and the State After the Revolution (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2010).