Amherst College Fashion!

What do Amherst College students wear??? Great question! In fact, that’s a question every prospective and incoming student subconsciously has in the back of his or her mind. If you walk around campus, you will see that Amherst is a very preppy campus. You will see Sperry’s, whale shirts, colorful pastel shorts and pants. However, there are so many different, fashionable, and just extremely interesting outfits that students are always sporting.

Basketball and Amherst Fashion

Today I spoke with a lovely lady who was totally in love in with the New England preppy fashion look and was also interested in playing basketball in college! If you read my post on “Amherst Fashion”, you’ll know that the preppy style is well represented here! Furthermore, both of our men’s and women’s basketball programs are absolutely stunning! Just in the past fours years they have combined for two National championships, seven National semifinal appearances and 6 NESCAC Championships. Over the past four years, both programs combined to have a 227-22 record for a 91% winning percentage!