Scoping out the Competition

I got up bright and early on Saturday morning for a summer intern field trip… to Williams.  Yep that’s right, we were gearing up for a 2-hour drive to Williamstown, the home of our rival.  A plan that we have this summer is to visit all of the schools in the 5-College Consortium to see how they do info sessions and tours and we thought “Why not throw Williams into the mix?  Let’s see how they do it out there in cow country” (just kidding, kind of…).  So far we’ve visited Smith and this weekend was dedicated to our expedition to Williams College.

Don't Shoot the Messengers!

One Up on Shakespeare

Where Are the Songs of Yesteryear?

By Roger M. Williams ’56

In memory that truly serves, my years at Amherst are swaddled in song. That doesn’t surprise me, even though I belonged to no musical group, played no instrument, did not even minor in music and didn’t welcome the advent of rock ’n’ roll.

The Great First Folio Caper

Major League Overhaul

Three years ago, Neal Huntington ’91 took over as general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Losers now for 18 consecutive seasons, they show few signs of improvement. Can Huntington’s skills and dedication turn that around?

By Roger M. Williams '56

The Great Book Theft That Wasn't

A Williams grad traces the rise and endurance of a most persistent legend—the one that accuses the Fairest College of bibliolarceny.

By Dustin Griffin

High on Habeas

The Perfect Season

Risky Business