Incredibly, that’s the number of books that Herb Coursen ’54—who died in 2011—wrote and got published during his lifetime.

By Roger M. Williams ’56

Don't Shoot the Messengers!

One Up on Shakespeare

Where Are the Songs of Yesteryear?

By Roger M. Williams ’56

In memory that truly serves, my years at Amherst are swaddled in song. That doesn’t surprise me, even though I belonged to no musical group, played no instrument, did not even minor in music and didn’t welcome the advent of rock ’n’ roll.

Student Profiles

The Great First Folio Caper

Coming Home


After Amherst freshmen failed to defend the goalposts in 1952, a horde from Williams tore them down.

By Roger M. Williams ’56

Risky Business

Baseball's Ph.D.s

The local press went wild for the first intercollegiate baseball game--and the chess match that followed.

By Roger M. Williams '56