Proof that the War is Over

A Cannon for the Confederacy: The Legacy of Frazar Stearns

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By William Sweet

A century and a half ago, a member of the Amherst College Class of 1863 followed his chemistry professor into this country’s bloodiest conflict and returned in a coffin. After the body of Frazar Stearns—the son of the college’s fourth president, William Augustus Stearns—came back to Amherst, so did a cannon that he had helped reclaim from Confederate forces. It was a pale substitute for a 21-year-old with a promising future, but the “Amherst Cannon” would become a boon for historians.

Warren Charles Stearns

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The First War Memorial

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Stearns Steeple and the Mead in Winter

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Stearns Steeple and the Mead Art Museum in February, as seen from atop Johnson Chapel.