Four Things I Wish I'd Known About the Flipped Classroom

Robert Talbert's recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education "Four Things I Wish I Had Known About the Flipped Classroom" provides some good insights and considerations for flipped classroom teaching.

The Best of 2013, Amherst Edition

January 2, 2014

Now that 2014 is upon us, the members of the college’s Public Affairs staff decided to take a page from many newspapers, magazines and websites and look back at the year that was at Amherst. Here are some of our favorite stories from 2013.

Chronicle of Higher Education: 5 Years Later, the Growing Divide Worsens in Higher Education

Jeffrey Selingo, the editor of the venerable publication about higher education, penned a piece discussing the relative lack of progress in the areas of college affordability and access. In it, he also extolled Amherst’s successes and President Anthony W. Marx’s work to bring both topics to the forefront of higher ed’s agenda.

Academic Purgatory

In a journalistic essay that ran in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Review, Professor Ilan Stavans advocates for the passage of the DREAM Act and tries to answer that question.

New York Times: Top Colleges, Largely for the Elite

In his May 24 column, David Leonhardt described the college’s efforts to recruit more lower- and middle-income students and boost financial aid.

Chronicle of Higher Education: Libraries, Publishers, and a Plea for Shotgun Weddings

Librarian of the College Bryn Geffert discussed the state of academic publishing in a column that was published in the publication that covers the higher education field.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: In Search of a 'Modern Sense of Place'

’00 alumna and editor Jennifer Acker spoke at length about the college’s new literary magazine, The Common, in this Q&A with the high-profile higher education publication.

Amherst College President Anthony W. Marx Announces His Resignation

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Initiative

The college’s  success with a program that promotes “sustainable, long-term increases in the number of high-achieving community college students from low-income families transferring to the nation’s selective four-year institutions” was noted in stories on the Inside Higher Ed and Chronicle of Higher Education websites.