Take a Closer Look at Possible Venues

While some of our spaces are well used, some are more obscure. The pages that follow will provide a photographic description of some of our venues. Make sure you review the list to the left to garner all possibilities.

Checklists: Before, During and After Your Event

Before the Event
  • Recheck — One week before the event, check all arranged services to make sure your requests are in place and exactly as you wish.

Ensuring Maximum Participation

Ensuring Maximum Participation

  • Audience — Decide whether your event is open to Amherst faculty, staff and students; Five College faculty, staff and students; or the general public. Plan your publicity accordingly.
  • Faculty support for events can be a major contributing factor to success, especially if the goal is expanded learning. Faculty members can announce the event, encourage students to attend and make it part of the class experience or even attend with a group of students.

Determining Space Needs

What type of audience do you hope to draw? Younger or older, students, faculty or staff, families, Five College students, faculty or staff, the general public? How many do you expect to attend? What kind of atmosphere does your event call for? A poetry reading may need a relaxed, living-room-type space; a science audience may need a lab; a lecture with video presentation may need a good viewing screen. Media needs can sometimes dictate the type of space you will need.

Scheduling Your Event

Selecting a Date, Time and Length for the Event

Know your audience, and select dates based on the students’ availability; events often coincide, and students must choose some events over others. If your event is open to the public, consider days of the week, travel patterns and holidays. Consider setting a postpone date if there is a chance of snow or torrential rain on the original date. It is also best to keep in mind anticipated publicity.

Arranging On-Site Services

Amherst College has a variety of support services available to assist with your event. Book them early (usually at least two weeks) by telephone, and always follow up with an e-mail.


It is very important to be familiar with the budget for the event. In some cases the budget is derived from a specific fund with a limit on total spending; sometimes the limits are applied to specific areas  ($1,000 for travel, $800 for support services, $400 for support materials, etc.) Determine whether you have a budget, the total of the budget, if the budget is line specific, or bottom line responsible and if there is a time limit for expenditures (expenses need to be incurred by when, and bills need to be paid by when).

Possible Event Locations

Booking Space at Amherst College

Contact Names for Room Reservations

Reserving rooms and space at Amherst College is done through a variety of departments, depending on the time of year, time of day and type of space needed. Some spaces are individually monitored throughout the year by a single department.

Plan an Event at Amherst College

Need to plan a college event, invite a lecturer or arrange an extended conference at Amherst College?

The Events and Space Management Office can help. Located at 202 Converse Hall, the office is accessible to walk-ins, by e-mail or by telephone.