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What I'm currently reading...

Submitted by Ellie Swain Ballard on Saturday, 11/29/2008, at 10:29 AM

Check out this great website, Goodreads.com

  • Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (yes, the 4th Twilight Book, see disclaimer below)
  • Up next? Maybe another Amherst Reads author...Jennifer Cody Epstein's Painter from Shanghai.

Favorite Authors

Since I was really young, I have always loved to read...some of my favorite authors are:

  • Barbara Kingsolver (Animal Dreams)
  • Keri Hulme (The Bone People)
  • Gita Mehta (A River Sutra)

Austin Sarat


Edited by Austin Sarat, Catherine O. Frank, Matthew Anderson

Teaching Law and Literature

David Delaney

Race, Place, and the Law
David Delaney Race, Place, and the Law "Delaney's argument is original, provocative, and very creative."

Getting the Ball Rolling

Hello again, internet! It’s been exactly a week since my last blog post. It’s been quite the eventful week and I’m excited to share it with my loyal fans!  (Side note: I’m gonna refer to you guys as LF, "loyal fans", from now on)

What They Are Reading

Austin Sarat, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science, teaches such courses as “America’s Death Penalty” and “Secrets and Lies.” Here, he writes about the books on his figurative bedside table:

What They Are Reading


We asked College Librarian Bryn Geffert about the books on his figurative bedside table. Here’s what he told us:

What They Are Reading

Hilary Moss, assistant professor of history and black studies