"Snowtober" Cleanup Means Work Through "De-Timber"

Submitted on Tuesday, 11/22/2011, at 12:09 PM

By Rob Mattson


amage from the late-October snowstorm that wreaked havoc on Western Massachusetts may be out of sight, but it's not yet out of mind. Bob Shea, the grounds supervisor at Amherst, says that 95 percent of the cleanup effort is finished, for the main campus, but the remaining 5 percent may not be complete until well into December.

Merritt Parkway Trail

When the Merritt Parkway was constructed, the State of Connecticut acquired a right-of-way approximately 300' wide.  The Parkway was, for the most part, constructed on the northern one-third to one-half of of the right-of-way, leaving the southern part free of development. 


Amherst College Wildlife Sanctuary

Watch “Sights and Sounds of the Amherst College Sanctuary”: