What They Are Reading

Professor of Philosophy Alexander George writes about the books on his figurative bedside table:

Keeping potted portraits of others’ works or of my reactions to a minimum, here instead are selected quotations, from stuff recently read, that did something for me.

From W. H. Auden’s Selected Poems, but not selected by him and including some poems he loathed and was ashamed to have written, though not this from “Horae Canonicae”: “at this noon, on this hill / in the occasion of this dying.”


Short Takes

Compiled by Katherine Duke ’05

ASH, inc. By Michael Huey ’87 (Song Song/Schlebrügge)
This catalog of Huey’s photos and other art objects accompanied his exhibition at the Song Song gallery in Vienna in January and February 2009.

Short Takes

Beautiful Monsters: Imagining the Classic in Musi­cal Media. By Michael Long ’74. Berkeley, Calif.: Univer­sity of California Press, 2008. 311 pp. $24.95 paperback.
Long explores classical music and how it has made its way into American pop culture.