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Educational Inequality and OpportunityCampus Challenge has met its Goals and has gone  'above and beyond'

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Panel Discussion on “Educational Inequality and Opportunity”

Watch the April 17, 2013, panel discussion with Barry O’Connell,Professor of English; Vanessa Fong, Associate Professor of Anthropology; Ben Guest, Career Center Program Director & Careers in Education Professions Advisor; Karen Sanchez-Eppler, Professor of English and American Studies; and Luca Grillo, Assistant Professor of Classics.

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Amherst Survival Center

Emergency food distribution from the Amherst Survival Center pantry.

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Poverty - Western Massachusetts

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”Poverty Counts: Data for Activists and Advocates” took place at the Cultivating Hope: Harvesting Action Rural Poverty and Social Change Conference at UMass Amherst in June 2006. Here are a few companion tables from the presentation: