WBUR: The Accents of Latino Literature

Professor Ilan Stavans spoke with On Point, a program out of the Boston-area National Public Radio station WBUR-FM, Amherst’s WFCR-FM, Smithsonian.com and the Huffington

Huffington Post: Chaos in Caracas

“This could very well be a turning point in the direction of authoritarianism,” political science professor Javier Corrales was quoted as saying in this column about recent attempts by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez to squelch opposition in the country. “At this point, Venezuela could become much more militarized and its political system more autocratic.”

Javier Corrales on Developments in Latin America

Political science professor Javier Corrales was consulted for two recent Time magazine stories exploring Argentina’s midterm elections and the coup in Honduras. He also co-wrote—with former student and Rhodes Scholar Daniel Altschuler ’04—an op-ed discussing the ramifications of the latter that appeared in The Huffington Post.