New Zealand/ Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud)

One of my favorite things to do is travel! Last winter I travelled to New Zealand with a study abroad group from school and explored the islands by van for 7 weeks. While there, we focused our studies on the indigenous population of kiwis, the Maori people, and stayed on maraes (somewhat like villages). I had the time of my life and I hope to have the opportunity to travel again in college.

Young Alumni: Road Trips

Nine recent graduates just won fellowships to teach or conduct research around the world. Here’s where they’re going.

Traveling with Tapon

Interview by Daniel Diner ’14

Photos from Francis Tapon '92

Fear is only kind of a factor for me...

Ok, so as I look back at my last two blog posts, I haven’t much told you about myself.  So far you’ve probably gathered that I love food and gallivanting around in the sun, both very accurate.  But I promise I do other stuff too. 

square This Is My Hidden Title brackets

I am Matthew Dennett Fernald, the third in the line of great Fernalds to attend this great college in the town Amherst of the state of Taxa - sorry, Massachusetts. My middle name can be seen on large, green signs for "Dennett Rd" if one is driving on I-95 across the bridge into Maine. In my remarkably uninformed opinion, Billy Joel is the greatest songwriter ever to have lived. I support the BoSox and Patriots and Roger Federer, though the latter is having a notably bad year so far. My hair is the color of milk chocolate, my skin the color of a peanut.

Public Transportation

Amherst College is approximately two hours from downtown Boston, two and a half hours from Logan Airport and three hours north of New York City. A number of companies provide transportation to and from the campus.