Reunion Programs

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Digital Era Paradigm Shifts: New Ways of Looking at Media, Content & Creativity

As digital technology has gradually taken over all of the ways in which we create, communicate, market, distribute and consume information and entertainment, a set of paradigm shifts has all the nature of relationships and the concepts by which we understand productivity, responsibility and accountability. As a closet geek and media/entertainment veteran,

The Reunion Crasher

By Sue Dickman ’89

I will admit it: I am a reunion crasher. I don’t sign up, and then I appear. It comes of living locally and working two blocks from the college. But it also comes of belonging to two classes. I started at Amherst with the Class of 1988 and finished with the Class of 1989. And there lies my reunion dilemma. Do I attend the reunion of the class I started with or the one I graduated with? The one where I know more people or the one where I found my lasting friends?