30th Reunion

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Class of 1984

30th Reunion

May 28-June 1, 2014



Campus at Reunion

Reunion Programs

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Digital Era Paradigm Shifts: New Ways of Looking at Media, Content & Creativity

As digital technology has gradually taken over all of the ways in which we create, communicate, market, distribute and consume information and entertainment, a set of paradigm shifts has all the nature of relationships and the concepts by which we understand productivity, responsibility and accountability. As a closet geek and media/entertainment veteran,

The Reunion Crasher

By Sue Dickman ’89

I will admit it: I am a reunion crasher. I don’t sign up, and then I appear. It comes of living locally and working two blocks from the college. But it also comes of belonging to two classes. I started at Amherst with the Class of 1988 and finished with the Class of 1989. And there lies my reunion dilemma. Do I attend the reunion of the class I started with or the one I graduated with? The one where I know more people or the one where I found my lasting friends?


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Reunion FY2011

A post-reunion dispatch

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Every year I volunteer to staff a few events at Reunion. The work is not hard: it involves filling water glasses, making sure talks start and end on time and annoying those seated at the end of an aisle by asking them to  pretty please move in to the center.

Reunion Registration

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