Class of 1990 - Celebrates 25 Year REUNION

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Wednesday May 27 though Sunday May 31, 2015

Huge kudos to our fearless leaders for motivating our class in historic numbers to come home to Amherst after 25 years of creating our lives:

Amherst College Class of 1941 - 65th Reunion

65th Reunion Book - Amherst College Class of 1941
May 31 – June 4, 2006

Table of Contents

Introduction, Acknowledgements, and Dedication (page 1)

Reunion Book Letter of January 16, 2006 (page 2)

Messages from:
*Reunion Chairman Win Firman (page 3)
*Class President Bob Bidwell (page 4)
*Amherst College President Anthony Marx (page 5)

Completed Reply Forms from Classmates and Widows (page 6)
*Identifying Information
*Highlights of Past 5 Years (2001-2006)
*Other Information I’d Like to Share With the Class of 1941

Alumni & Parent Programs

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