“Omg they put us on 4th floor South”

Reunion Weekend, as reported on Twitter.com

ursamajor [Lynne Baer ’00]: Omg they put us on 4th floor South. It’s just like being a frosh all over again.

ursamajor: Except for the part where South has AN ELEVATOR YOU GUYS

AndyWinchell [Andy Winchell ’90]: Packing clothes for trip to @AmherstCollege. 2 things are evident: abundance of purple & absence of yellow.


Commencement/Reunion Housing Application

On-Campus Housing for Commencement/Reunion Weeks

The Residence Halls close for the Spring Semester on May 15th at 5 p.m.  Graduating seniors are the only ones permitted to stay in their Spring Assighments.  All non-graduating students will need to vacate by that time. We recognize the need for some non-graduating students do remain to work for Commencement or Reunion week events.  These students will be assigned temporary Commencement/Reunion Week HOusing Assignments.  Unless otherwise notified, non-graduating seniors ARE NOT allowed to stay in their Spring Housing Assignments during these two weeks.

The majority of our housing is reserved for visiting guests to our campus. Available housing is limited and overstocked.  Please note that there is very little housing available for non-graduating students during the weeks of Commencement and Reunion (May 15 – May 29).  Coolidge, Crossett, Stone and Pond Halls will be unavailable as they are being prepared for demolition, so this year requests such as these will be even more difficult.  If you are granted permission to stay you should plan on sharing a room as there are few single rooms available.

Housing is primarily limited to students who have been hired to work for the college to help facilitate with commencement week and Reunion week. If you have been hired to work for Commencement and Reunion you do not need to submit this form. We recognize that there are other students who are not employed specifically for Commencement/Reunion work who would like to stay on campus for various reasons. There is no guarantee that we can meet your request, but to help facilitate our collection of requests, we ask that you fill out the form below.

Note: Those not working for Commencement/Reunion will receive notice of their permission to stay at the earliest convenience. Students should start to consider alternative housing options for this time period if we are unable to provide the desired accommodation.

Basic Information
ex. 413-555-1212
Housing Information
Week(s) Needed: *
Reason for Needing to Stay: *
Please be very specific and explain why you need this option. Financial Need will be confirmed with the office of Financial Aid. Note: If you are staying to study, recognize that the housing situation described above is not necessarily conducive to study and is meant to strictly serve the purpose of housing individuals who are here to work for these two weeks.

Special Notifications:

  • Students will not be guaranteed access to a kitchen during this period and should make arrangements for meals. 
  • Students who are working during Commencement Reunion and who must be on campus for the start of summer housing, will remain in their C/R housing until 5:00 p.m.Wednesday June 1, when they rollover into summer housing.
  • Finally, this is an application and permission to stay in Student Housing during this time may be denied based upon the availability of space and other factors including this application.

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