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Details on the Fall Intramural Season

The first of three intramural seasons will begin on Saturday, September 15th and end on Saturday, November 3rd.  The fall intramural season will consist of:


  • Adanced and Intermediate Co-Ed Soccer
  • Advanced and Intermediate Tennis
  • Golf Tournaments


All participants in the intramural program are asked to sign up for their resepective teams using amherst.athleague.com.

Fall Budgets 2009 Public

Fall Budgets 2009 - Public

Fall Sports

The intramural program for the 2012-2013 school year will begin its first season in the fall. The sports offered will be soccer, golf, and tennis.

All participants must sign up by Tuesday, September 11th, and all fall intramural sports seasons will begin on Saturday, September 15th.

Follow the directions below to sign up on Athleague.com. All players interested in playing intramurals must sign up on Athleague.